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Who Are We

Meda Biotech, LLC was founded in 2003 on the strength of a conviction that a new concept, HYBRID-NANOENGINEERINGTM, could solve insolubility problems and have real therapeutic value for patients. That belief gave birth to a process of continual discovery and innovation, allowing it to give birth to many innovative medicines. Since 2002, Meda Biotech has been working to commercialize a technology that could make treatment more effective and less harmful to patients, especially for the treatment of cancer, pain and inflammation.

Meda Biotech is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing a new class of Hybrid water soluble drugs with unprecedented control over drug properties to maximize trafficking to disease sites, dramatically enhancing efficacy while minimizing toxicities.

Meda Biotech is developing a pipeline of novel Hybrid drugs that hold extraordinary potential to become best-in-class drugs and improve patient outcomes in the areas of oncology, inflammatory diseases and cardiovascular and GI disorders. Meda's lead product candidate, Mewa001 (Aspirin) is currently in Phase 1 clinical testing in cancer patients for pain and inflammation. Meda also develops Hybrid water soluble drugs in collaboration with pharmaceutical and biotechnology partners to enable promising pipeline candidates to achieve their full potential.

Meda is developing its own bank of water soluble hybrid technologies to enhance the performance of important existing drug products. Our company has developed a method of encasing the toxic drug inside a less toxic drug and building a hybrid molecule that then can be injected into a patient. These hybrid drugs have the potential to be a much more effective and safe treatment for the patients.

In short, our discovery leads to a new generation of hybrid formulation of two drugs to attack the disease more aggressively and safely. Both the molecules have synergistic and potentiating effects on each other. A SAFE DOUBLE EDGE SWORD. Our group of researchers are extremely eager to discover and develop additional game changing therapeutics. At the core of the Meda Discovery & Development team is the main goal of making sure the discovery should not lead to a therapy or drug which is not affordable to average person.

This notion leads to the discovery of HYBRID DRUG TECHNOLOGIES from Meda Biotech.
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Our Business

  • Product Development
  • Licensing Technology
  • Formulation
  • Manufacturing

We stand behind the performance of our product and give you piece of mind with our money back guarantee.

Patented product line

We have discovered a new generation of hybrid technologies to develop Hybrid Drugs. Products in pipeline:

  • Mewtaxol (Paclitaxel Hybrid)
  • Ascurin (Aspirin Hybrid)
  • Coxcur (Arthritis)
  • Conjugated Lectin drug delivery system
  • Preventive Life Style Drugs

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