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Meda's HYBRID-NANOENGINEERINGTM drug delivery platform generates more commercial opportunities than we can pursue independently. Strategic partnering is therefore a critical component of our ability to advance Meda's novel therapeutics programs into clinical development and onto the market.

Meda's objective is to selectively partner at strategic stages of the development process while retaining select therapeutic programs to develop independently.

We want to strategically integrate our patented technology platform into the best possible companies to ensure we achieve the most rapid development of therapeutics which utilize our base technology.

This strategy will enable the company to maximize the number of lead compounds it can rapidly put into development as it continues to harvest output and develop its platform to a higher degree of productivity.

Meda pursues the following types of collaboration

License/or co-development arrangements for our clinical pipeline products and pre-clinical drugs in development.

Meda can collaborate to develop therapeutics from our existing programs of both proteins/peptides and small molecules. Partners may choose to advance these programs independently or in conjunction with Meda.

Meda can take the newly developed molecules or existing patent expired drugs and put them in our platform to develop next generation of same drug to extent the further life the expired patented drug.

Below are list of manufacturing services we also provide:

  • Manufacturing services for others in the field of nanomedicines
  • Manufacturing services for others in the field of nanoparticles
  • Manufacturing services for others in the field of pharmaceuticals

Lowest or no upfront price

  • New technology
  • Fastest results
  • Patent protection
  • Branded guarantee

Low solubility is a common but a road blocker for many Novel drugs. Typically, companies will have a hit and trila Approach to solve your problem with huge upfront charges.

Introducing our newest HYBRID-NANOENGINEERINGTM Technology to fix your solubility problem. You will not only have product but a patent protection and a branding for premium price of your product.

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