What is AgroChemicals


  • MBA reformulates existing Agrochemicals for the $46 Billion crop protection just pesticide industry, addressing issues jeopardizing the industry
  • Replace organic solvents with water
  • Looking for global crop protection companies on products with formulation and solubility with toxicity and efficacy problems
  • Four products in collaboration with large agrochemical manufacturers
  • Laboratory results demonstrate MBA formulations are more effective than current products
  • Products and process are patented and are 100% owned by MBA
  • Experienced scientists team and advisors
  • Invested 3.0 MM to date


  • Just need water to make a solution on site
  • Just 5 minutes for dissolution
  • No need to use toxic solvents
  • No need to use oil
  • Economic
  • Novel and patented formulation
  • Ready and available to move forward

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